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Meet Laura

Honor (formerly known as Green's Miracle Salve) was created by Laura Green, yoga teacher, AcroYoga practitioner, massage therapist and doula, as a potent herbal healing cream. 

Laura originally created this salve to help relieve her mother’s pain during her battle with pancreatic cancer. She found that not only did it effectively reduce her mother's pain, it also helped relieve her stress and anxiety significantly. Although, her mother passed, the hemp salve reduced the pain medications and anti-depressants she was taking while increasing her comfort simultaneously. Her mother, Mimi Green, called it a “Miracle”, hence the name “Miracle Salve” unfolded in her honor.
This is Laura’s primary inspiration for sharing her salve; to help people find comfort who don’t have better options to chose from.

Sourced Locally & Sustainably:

Sierra Valley Famers - Beckworth, CA

Truckee Meadow Herb Shop - Reno, NV

Great Basin Community Food Co-Op - Reno, NV

McCaughlry Farms - Grass Valley, CA

Recyclable & Compostable packaging

Made by Hand in Truckee, Lake Tahoe, CA 

How It's Made

Honor Miracle Salve is a potent herbal healing cream for sore achy muscles, arthritis, and chronic pain. It helps promote circulation and reduce inflammation.

All ingredients are 100% organic and the highest quality. The herbs are infused into the safflower oil throughout a 8-10 week soak, which are warmed and energized by the sun. The soaking process starts with the energy of each Full Moon, with the intention for self-care, healing and love. At the end of the lunar cycle, the herbal infused oil is blended with Shae Butter, Beeswax and essential oils for a velvety thick creamy feel.

Honor is made with hemp flowers that are grown organically by local and Earth conscious farmers in Sierra Valley, CA.


The other herbs; Arnica flower, Calendula flower, Cats Claw, White Willow bark and St. John’s Wort are all well known for their anti-inflammatory properties, and sourced locally from Truckee Meadow Herbs in Reno, NV.


The Safflower oil, Shae Butter, and essential oils are unrefined and sustainably sourced through Great Basin Community Food Co-Op in Reno, NV.


The beeswax is also unrefined and sourced from McClaughry Farms in Grass Valley. You can find them and taste their delicious honey during Truckee Farmer’s Markets.

Honor is available for personal or professional use. Are you a retailer? Reach out to discover your wholesale options.

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